Harnessing The Healing Power of Adaptogens

Often, when people hear about adaptogens for the first time, they are enthralled by the performance benefits that are often associated with these powerful natural herbs. The ability that adaptogens provide to quickly recover from strenuous workouts is renowned and many athletes look to adaptogen supplements to help them perform at their best.  However, many […]

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A Less Stressful Way Of Life Is On Its Way

stress free living with adaptogens

Adaptogens have long been used to help improve the lives of people everywhere. From increased stamina during exercise to faster recovery times, these natural herbs have proven to be effective in giving our bodies that extra edge that we need to perform at our best.  Another big advantage that adaptogens have to offer is their […]

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Live Streaming For The Endurance Athlete

triathlon biking

Many people who use Adapta-Fuel are also avid athletes who love to push hard and achieve the incredible. The love of sports is what brings a lot of our customers together and the benefits of taking adaptogens allow them to recover quickly and prepare for their next challenge.  But even athletes need some chill time […]

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Four Adaptogens That Are Immunity Powerhouses

herbal supplements

Studies that show the benefits of adaptogens are regularly being released and there is no doubt that there is a correlation between taking adaptogens and feeling better. One of the best ways that we can improve the way we feel is by doing everything we can to keep our immune systems strong. Adaptogenic herbs are […]

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Pushing The Limits

women running adapta fuel

Athletes are constantly pushing physical boundaries. While their drive to improve can bring new records, it is often at the cost of potential injury or illness. All athletes experience DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), some frequently. In the past, DOMS was seen as caused by an accumulation of lactic acid in overworked muscles, showing up […]

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Immune Support In Uncertain Times

adaptogen immune support

There is little doubt that the Corona virus is playing havoc with our country and much of the world. We are learning about vaccines being developed and that current drugs already on the market may possibly show some promise for treatment. There is even hope that plasma treatments containing antibodies from people who have recovered from this virus may serve as a possible cure for those impacted by the virus. All of these possible prevention’s and cures are wonderful news that gives everyone hope that we might get through this pandemic. […]

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