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Bringing more than 20 years of experience in the development of adaptogen supplement technology to people who desire to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

As athletes push harder to achieve more in the world of competitive sports, their bodies have to have a way to perform better and recover faster. This is achieved by making sure that the athlete has access to the right nutrition, rest, and the proper supplements to aid in their recovery time. Through the years, there have been a plethora of products that have hit the market claiming to be the “miracle breakthrough” for restoring the athlete’s body and aiding in boosting performance but very few, if any, have hit the mark that adaptogen supplements provide.

Adapta-Fuel is the leading adaptogen formula on the market that aids in recovery, performance, and immune system support for anyone looking to improve their edge. Need more proof? Checkout the athletes below to see what kind of results their intense training combined with Adapta-Fuel has produced.


Jeff Shady Vermont

Pro-Team Adapta-Fuel athlete Jeff Shady is on a roll!!! To start the season, Jeff took the 1st place podium at the Spartan US National series in San Luis Obispo, March 12-13, to be followed by a 2nd place podium victory at the Spartan series #2 in Big Bear May 14-15. On top of that, Jeff took the title of top male athlete at the Rugged Maniac competition in San Francisco this past April.

He amazed his fans again this past September by taking 2nd and 3rd place in the OCR World Championship competition in Stratton, Vermont. Jeff was quoted as saying “Wild weekend of racing! From 3k to 100m to 15k to Team Relay. Stoked to be able to handle and
compete across all events. Can’t say enough thanks to Adapta-Fuel for the support and aid in recovering between events”.

In 2023 so far, Jeff took both the gold and silver in 2 Spartan races in Las Vegas. It seems like nothing can stop him.

Along with Jeff’s hard work and dedication he is an inspiration to all athletes, no matter the sport. We are so proud to have Jeff as a representative of Adapta-Fuel and look forward to his many future victories. Congratulations Jeff!


Luis Tapia Trail Running

Pro-Team Adapta-Fuel athlete Luis Tapia came in 4th place at the Yosemite half marathon and is crushing it on the running trails. Beyond that, he took 3rd place in an absolutely grueling 62 mile Ordnance 100k of 2022 in Salinas, California with a finish time of 10:56:30. This incredible race even included 2 miles of 900ft vertical gain.

Being able to finish a race like this is a huge accomplishment but coming in 3rd place is absolutely incredible. Luis stated that he used to be a short distance runner but Adapta-Fuel has given him the strength, stamina, endurance, and focus to accomplish victories he had never dreamed possible.

We are so proud to have Luis representing Team Adapta-Fuel. He is a perfect example of hard work, dedication, courage and, thanks to Adapta-Fuel, an energy efficient athlete at the top of his game. Way to go, Luis!


kevin hasenfus athlete

Congratulations to Pro-Team Adapta-Fuel athlete Kevin Hasenfus for taking 2nd Elite in the Rugged Maniac event, April 9-10, 2022!!! It’s going to be an awesome OCR (obstacle course race) year! We can’t wait to see what Kevin accomplishes next on his amazing journey. Go Kevin!


dawn wu spartan race

Dawn Franquist Wu is a force to be reckoned with. She is an Pro-Team Adapta-Fuel athlete that has been crushing obstacle courses and racking up the medals over the past several years. Powered by Adapta-Fuel since 2019 and recovering from injuries, Dawn hit podiums both days at the San Bernardino race on January 29-30, 2022.

With only a 7 second separation for medals, Dawn was quoted as saying, “I smoked them on the ropes and sprinted in!” capturing the silver in OCR (obstacle course race) and for having the best sprint.

Dawn attributes her recovery and a large part of her success to Adapta-Fuel for the strength, endurance and recovery that every well performing athlete depends on. She is another example of an energy efficient athlete at the top of her game. Well done, Dawn!!! Cheers to your continued success.


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