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Understanding how Adaptogens help with stress and provide other health benefits to the body is a topic that has been studied for decades. Below is an article that discusses how stress affects the body and how Adaptogens can assist in fighting stress.

Stress is something that is becoming more and more prevalent in our modern-day society. The effects of Covid-19, global instability, and rising tensions around the world are pushing stress levels to a dangerously unhealthy level and more people are becoming aware of it.

Some levels of stress are perfectly normal and expected in our day-to-day life. Getting your kids to the bus stop in the mornings for school or meeting an important deadline at work are just a few of the typical stressful situations that we can face from time to time. However, these types of stressors are usually temporary and our bodies return to a homeostatic state within a short period of time so that our physical or mental health is not affected long term.

However, when the stress doesn’t dissipate within a reasonable amount of time it starts to affect our ability to think logically and if not dealt with may weaken our immune systems. This can create a snowball effect that may eventually push someone to develop psychological issues and poor health.

What Exactly Is Stress?

Stress, in its most basic form, is an important part of our body chemistry that helps us survive. When we are met with a dangerous situation, our body reacts by enabling a fight or flight response which pushes us to either deal with the issue head-on or avoid it all together by removing ourselves from the danger. The part of the central nervous system, known as the HPA (hypothalamic pituitary adrenal) axis, is what is responsible for engaging the stress response when the need arises.

Once the HPA axis has been engaged and becomes active, the body prepares itself for the fight or flight response mentioned above. As part of this process, the HPA axis also releases certain stress-related hormones known as norepinephrine, epinephrine, and cortisol. Norepinephrine is the hormone that causes your muscles to tighten and your senses to increase while epinephrine (adrenaline) pushes the heart to pump harder and breathing to intensify in order to make sure the body has plenty of oxygen to engage itself in a fight or flight response.
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Cortisol plays a multifaceted role in response to stress by shutting down or altering the capability of certain bodily functions that could possibly hinder the ability to carry out physical requirements during a stressful situation. These include the digestive, reproductive and immune systems. Cortisol also helps calm the person down after a stressful situation has passed by bringing your heart rate and blood pressure back into a normal state while also restoring normal function to your bodily systems.

Stress, therefore, encompasses the entire process of taking the body from a state of homeostasis to a level of fight or flight and then back to its original state. When it doesn’t occur on a common basis, the body regulates itself so that no harm is done. However, in today’s world, people are stressed more than ever which over time can change the normal functionality of the HPA axis which ends up overloading the body with stress-related hormones and causing issues such as cardiovascular disease, arthritis, depression, and obesity.

What Can Be Done To Deter The Detrimental Effects Of Long Term Stress

Combatting stress in our day-to-day lives can be a challenge. When faced with stressful situations, most of us wish that we could simply teleport to a private tropical island somewhere to escape the external factors that are pushing us towards the current stressors. Unfortunately, that is not a realistic way to deal with these types of issues so the next best option is to prepare our bodies to deal with the stress. This can be accomplished by the use of Adaptogens.

Adaptogens have been shown to condition the body to help bring it back into homeostasis much quicker than usual during a stress response. They do this by keeping the body’s stress response system in a state of equilibrium so that when a stressful occurrence occurs the body “adapts” to it by not allowing the HPA axis to push itself too far. This is why the word “Adaptogens” starts with “adapt”.

Adaptogens provide people with a blend of herbal ingredients that quickly deal with stress and bring the body into its homeostatic state. Adaptogen users, more or less, pre-condition their bodies to handle stressful situations whenever they arise so that the detrimental effects of long-term stress will be kept to a minimum.

Making sure that you have the proper blend of Adaptogens for your daily life is what Adapta-Fuel was created for. By ensuring that our customers receive the highest quality Adaptogen supplements on the market, we do our part in helping others combat the negative effects that stress can lead to.


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