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A common thread that all athletes share is the desire to excel in their achievements. Whether biking, running, swimming, or participating in any other sport where strength and timing are a factor, seeing improvements in performance is something that is cherished. Below are the real-life results and athletes who have achieved the extraordinary by training with focus and diligence in order to push themselves further. They have also learned the importance of proper nutrition and taking the right supplements to ensure that their bodies are performing and recovering to their maximum potential. Even more, is that these are married couples who have careers, children, and other responsibilities in their lives that give them limited time to devote to their training. Each athlete combined the aforementioned approach to their workouts while using the Adapta-Fuel adaptogen supplement formula. The results speak for themselves.


Matt and Meghan Hyland

When it comes to focusing on fitness, Matt and Meghan Hyland, both avid Adapta-Fuel users since 2018, are a force to be reckoned with. This incredible husband and wife duo have been competing in triathlons, Spartan races, and more over the past several years and they only keep getting better.

Meghan’s most recent achievement was completing the Oregon Ironman Triathlon recently with a time of 5 hrs 33 mins. What was most impressive about this event for Meghan was that she was able to shave off over an hour of time in this event in comparison to her last triathlon.

Her husband Matt also achieved impressive results at the event by breaking the 5-hour mark which was a personal first for him. He was able to complete the triathlon in an amazing 4 hrs 43 mins.

During a recent interview with Matt, he was quoted as saying “For me [Adapta-Fuel] I think the main benefit is recovery. It allows you to push it harder the next day more than you would normally be able to do.”

And Matt is no stranger to competitive sports. On top of triathlons and Spartan races, he is an avid participant in motocross and even paintball tournaments. “I use it [Adapta-Fuel] almost daily regardless of the sport that I am doing. And even on days off, it’s worth taking just to keep that stress level down.”

We are super excited to see where Matt and Meghan go in the future with their competitive spirits and happy that Adapta-Fuel is with them in their journey to be the best they can be.


Jamie and Anthony Arispe

Another amazing couple to highlight is Anthony and Jamie Arispe of Texas. This incredible husband and wife team owns their own airplane repair company, Airspeed and Attitude, are licensed flight instructors, and are also parents of 2 adorable children. Among running a full-time business, staying fit is super important to them in order to keep their lives balanced. Jaime is quoted as saying “We are very serious about our health and workouts.” and their lifestyle and physique show it. However, keeping the business running smoothly while staying in shape is no easy task, and making sure that they have maximum recovery after workouts is a must. That is why they are big advocates of using Adapa-Fuel as part of their exercise routines. “Adapta-Fuel is a great part of our stamina and recovery.” quoted Jaimie when we were learning about their secrets to successfully balancing a business and family life. When asked about the difference that the Adapt-Fuel adaptogen supplement formula has made in their lives she stated “Wow, it really shows!”. We can’t wait to see where this energetic mom and dad’s adventures take them in the future. Whether they are flying through the air or going for a long run, Anthony and Jaime Arispe are destined for greatness.


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