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Bringing more than 20 years of experience in the development of adaptogen supplement technology to people who desire to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

Dealing with anxiety is something in our day to day lives that many people struggle with. Adaptogen supplements like Adapta-Fuel have been shown to be nature’s answer to fighting anxiety and provide a synergistic blend of rare herbs mixed together to aid in energy, immune support, stress and endurance.

Adaptogens are known for their ability to fight fatigue and have a balancing effect in bringing the body back to a state of homeostasis when a stressful event occurs. By taking adaptogen supplements, you give your body the fuel that it needs to keep itself balanced and healthy.


Adapta Fuel Adaptogen Supplement

When faced with anxiety and stress, people respond differently to various situations. What causes one person to act out in frustration would have no effect on someone else and vice versa. This is where adaptogens play a great role in assisting our bodies by acting as a balancing mechanism. This may ensure that if an event is faced that might potentially cause anxiety, the natural ingredients in Adapta-Fuel may provide the rebalancing necessary to bring the body back into homeostasis and may provide protection against any negative effects of stress. Furthermore, adaptogens come to your aid only when you need them to, so in a way they are like a secret weapon that is ready to use just at the right time to help fight expected or unexpected events in your life.

The Major Benefits of Adaptogens When Stressful Situations Occur:

  • Assists in proper cell behavior for aiding in homeostasis in the body.
  • Improves resistance to the harmful effects that stress has on cells.
  • Used by the body on a “as needed” basis.
  • Made from all-natural bioactive plant compounds.
  • Can repair the proteins within damaged cells.
  • Facilitates healthy cell functioning around the clock.

Fuel your body to stay healthy and strong. Fuel your life with ADAPTA-FUEL!

How Do Adaptogens Help With Anxiety

Adaptogens are able to benefit the body by providing assistance to the body’s hormonal stress response reactions which are controlled by the adrenal system. Unlike products that contain sugar, alcohol, and caffeine which jerks the body’s stress balance in rapid directions, Adaptogens provide stress relief in a more harmonious way.

They do this by keeping the body’s stress reactors in a state of equilibrium where no stress-related events are pushed too far in one direction or another. This is where the “adapt” part of the adaptogens comes into play.

A great example of how Adaptogens help with stress would be the following:

If a person who has never run a mile before suddenly decides to go for a jog, then the body will be pushed into a state of stress as the body tries to compensate for the new event. Over time, however, the jogger’s ability to run the mile will become easier and easier if repeated on a frequent basis.

Adaptogens work the same way by providing the body with the necessary herbal ingredients to quickly balance stress and bring the body back into homeostasis when an external or internal stressor occurs. This allows Adaptogen users to be prepared and quickly “adapt” to any changes that arise during daily activity to combat stress in any form.

The ingredients found in Adapta-Fuel are optimal for combating stress and anxiety. The following list below explains more in detail what each adaptogen is and how it may help you feel better and increase your daily performance.

The Adaptogen Ingredients Contained in Adapta-Fuel

  • Rhodiola – also known as Rhodiola Rosea, this powerful adaptogen that has been connected to stress reduction, improving cognitive functions, minimizing anxiety and helping to decrease the effects of mild to moderate depression.
  • Eleuthero – Eleuthero, which is also called Siberian Ginseng, may have a lot of possible health benefits that are related to memory function support and an overall increase in cognitive abilities. It has also been observed in some studies to boost energy levels and decrease fatigue.
  • Manchurian Thorn Tree – has been shown in studies to address many health benefits such as stress reduction, immune system support, weight loss and fighting the effects of depression.
  • Maral Root – Maral Root has been linked to increasing the strength of the immune system, lessening the effects of depression, increasing the brains ability to focus as well as improving the growth of lean muscle mass in athletes.
  • Schizandra – a potent adaptogen that may assist with enhancing liver function, decreasing high blood pressure and providing overall improvements both physically and mentally to the body. There may even be the possibility that Schizandra can assist in improving certain respiratory disorders such as asthma.


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